What is Junkies Literarios?

Junkies Literarios (JL) is a literary journalism multiplatform concept dedicated to share news, reviews and other content to fans of the Young Adult (YA) genre. We provide reviews, event coverage and other miscellaneous content for entertainment purposes.


Why is the name in Spanish?

The name is in Spanish because event coverage and content are targeted mostly towards residents of Puerto Rico.  All of the content is written in English as of March 27th, 2015 because even though the first language of Puerto Ricans is Spanish, most YA fans read primarily in English.


Why are some of the earlier posts in Spanish?

The earlier posts are in Spanish because this project began as part of a Web Journalism class that required all posts to be written in Spanish. Given that the posts were still useful to Puerto Rican readers and are written in a language they understand, we decided to keep them.


Why do some posts reference something called The Muses PR?

There was a sub-project that was created from JL that was titled The Muses (TM). This was a collaborative project that would run under the same premise of JL but under a more profitable interest.  After a period of creative differences, I (M. González, JL Administrator) decided to separate from TM, under the agreement of transferring any intellectual property over three (3) days old to JL while adequately referencing TM, allowing them exclusivity rights to my written work.


Why are the links to The Muses PR broken?

After my separation from TM, the remaining team opted to dismiss the project and shut down the website. While the website might not exist anymore, it is my responsibility as a journalist to remain ethical and provide the original sources and purposes of everything I write and share with readers.


When do you post new content?

We usually post new content Mondays and Wednesdays.  On weeks that The Bookmark hosts special events like Q&A author sessions or special releases, the event coverage will be posted on Fridays when the events are held on a weekday, and on Monday if the event was held over the weekend.


Do you have a BookTube account?

Not yet, but we’re working on it and hope to have one soon. Stay tuned!


What if I want you to review my book?

If you wish your book to be reviewed on the website, feel free to contact us at mgiuliaproductions@gmail.com and we can figure out the best way for me to acquire a copy, digital or print.  We are usually on a pretty tight schedule but if you want the review to be released on a specific date, we will try to accommodate it.



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