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Spoilers Like Crazy… See What I Did There?

Why, Hello there literary junkies!  As you may have noticed, the book of the weekend has been Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch, after the Skype Q&A chat she had with our friends at The Bookmark last Wednesday.  In case you missed it, go check out my recap right here! If you missed it, read it, and you’re dying for more, here are eight spoilerful details Sarah Raasch told us about her upcoming work:

1. If you didn’t know, there is a companion story on Wattpad called Flames Like Vines that chronologically happens between books 1 and 2, featuring Ceridwen Preben, Princess of the Summer Kingdom.



2. The title and cover art for book 3 are ready to be released!



3. The Title will be released in December and the cover art in February.


She did say that the second word will be “Like” for sure. *laughs*


4. Book 3 will begin with Meira learning to control her ice powers.


So no more accidental ice shooting people off carriages, phew!


5. Lekam and his husband will have a very touching and romantic moment in book 3!



6. There will be more action and more battle scenes in the next book.



7. There’s a reason why there isn’t much known about Paisley, and it will be revealed in the next installment.



8. Raasch is currently working on more projects on YA Fantasy.



So, did you read Ice Like Fire? Are you Pumped for the next book in the story? Let us know in the comments section below and remember you can get these and many more titles at The Bookmark!

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Reading Outside my Comfort Zone for a change.

By Mónica González


Hello there fellow book addicts!

Have you ever felt like you’ve been reading, much of the same all the time? Whether it be Dystopian, contemporary, medieval, mystery; we all have this one genre we keep going back to over and over again. All the same, we all have at least one genre that we wouldn’t really tackle, not even if it presented itself as the softest cloud in the universe.

That said, after I realized this was something we all do, for this Halloween I decided to do something different and read something outside my comfort zone and tackle some horror.

My pick: Horns by Joe Hill


So, why did I go with this cover instead of the original? Here’s a couple of reasons:

  • Number 1: the original cover kind of creeps me out.  Yes, I’m a softie, I like my happy endings and if those aren’t possible, I like “realistic within the storyline” endings. So, naturally, horror wouldn’t really be in my Gotta Read Them All choice of genres.
  • Number 2: My inner Potterhead would’ve thrown a fit if I picked any other version when I had the chance to have one with Daniel Radcliffe’s face on it.
  • Number 3: I promised myself to read it before watching the movie, and the cover reminding me of it was a motivation.

So, my experience with it was extraordinarily long for some reason.  The story was rather enjoyable, and I kept wanting to read more, even when college, work, and sometimes even health, got in the way.  I don’t even think it was the story itself or my busy schedules, it was those margins! The pages had some tiny, tiny margins that left barely any space inkless. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating, but it felt like those margins were smaller than usual, making it feel like a longer read than it actually was.

Content wise, It was an intriguing story with a “dirtier” language than what I’m used to reading, but hey, I don’t judge, every author has its style and Hill works it well. His writing was very controversial and, at the same time, it makes you think some more about life, death, good, evil, right and wrong.

Think about it, your entire life you’ve been told that God is good, the Devil is evil, that there’s no in-between and that you either do good and go to heaven or do bad and go to hell. Out of nowhere comes Hill and presents the most spiritual, honest, caring and loyal kid, who gets screwed over by life and ends up growing horns for no apparent reason. He’s still good, he might want revenge for the rape and murder of the love of his life, but he’s still good nonetheless.

In general, it was a great read although I felt like the explanation as to why everything happened was rather short and straightforward. don’t know if I’ll be reading much horror anytime soon but this was a pretty good start. Most of all, I’m really glad that I finally get to see the movie that, judging from the trailer, changes a lot from the original story, not necessarily in a bad way.  So, if you still haven’t seen the movie, or would like to know what changed, grab a copy and find out!

Remember, you can get these and many more titles at The Bookmark.

Happy Reading and HappyHalloWicked!

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Upcoming November Books!

By Mónica González


Hello fellow book junkies! This November we will be having one fierce lineup of new releases, some of them actual favorites of mine that I’m really looking forward to finally get my hands on.  So, in case you didn’t know, here are 8 books that will be released in November that you cannot miss:


This is the sequel to Gray’s thrilling sci-fi novel, A Thousand Pieces of You. On Sale on November 3rd by Harper Teen.



A girl struggling to move forward after a tragic accident that still holds a mystery, begins to fall for the brother of her friend who died in the accident. On sale on November 3rd by HarperTeen.



In a society where the person you become is determined by a vision of your future, Callie is tormented by the fact that she’ll become the criminal that murders her talented younger sister and gets sent to prison for a crime she has not committed… yet.  On sale on November 3rd by Entangled: Teen.



This is the fourth installment of the Lunar Chronicles series. On sale on November 10th by Feiwel and Friends.



When Ben, an aspiring novelist, meets Fallon and spends the entire day with her on the day she’s moving away, she becomes the inspiration for his newest novel, until he realizes she might be lying the entire time and becomes the ultimate plot twist. On Sale on November 10th by Atria Books.



The lead singer from an indie band struggles with her bandmember’s dislike of her on their immediate rise to fame and its repercussions. On sale on November 10th by Delacorte Books for Young Readers.



Richelle Mead takes readers on a triumphant journey where Fei and the inhabitants of her village are on the brink of starvation.  This will force her to travel from from the peak of her jagged mountain village to the valley of Beiugo, where a startling truth and an unlikely romance will change her life forever…  On sale on November 10th by Razorbill.



This is the sequel to Zink’s Lies I Told. On Sale on November 24th by HarperTeen.


So, which are you planning on reading? Let us know in the comments section below.  Remember you can get these and many more titles at The Bookmark!

Happy Reading!

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Six Spooktacular Reads for October

By Mónica González


Salutations book junkies! As you already know, October is finally upon us! And, let’s face it, nothing screams October better than a good horror story. So, in hopes of bringing you some ear-splitting, nerve-wrecking inspiration, here are six books that are guaranteed to put you in a HalloWicked mood:

6. Something Strange and Deadly Series by Susan Dennard

SomethingStranger_BannerI know what you’re thinking, that I’ve mentioned this series about a million times on this blog. Well, there’s a reason for it! And it’s the perfect story for the occasion! Voodoo practitioners, necromancers, zombies and an evil spirit crossing realms to seek revenge all in 18th century Philadelphia? Now, that’s what Halloween is about! Available now from HarperTeen.


5. The Diviners series by Libba Bray

maxresdefaultIt’s 1926 and Evie O’Neill has been exiled from home because of a strange power she possesses. She now lives in New York with her uncle will who is very interested on the occult but is unaware of her abilities. When her uncle is called to investigate a murder, Evie jumps in because her powers just might be the key to solving the mystery and catching the killer.  Available now by Little Brown Books for Young Readers.


4. A Madness so Discreet by Mindy McGinnis


Grace Mae has been locked in an asylum where her thoughts, and her voice, are locked inside the deepest corners of her mind. After she gets banished to the darkest cellars of the asylum, a criminal psychologist takes her in as an assistant to hunt down a serial killer. On sale tomorrow by Katherine Tegen Books.


3. Liars, Inc by Paula Stokes

liars-inc-450x645This young adult psychological thriller follows the story of Max Cantrell, create an alibi company for extra cash and the thrill of danger. Unfortunately, as you may probably guess, nothing good can ever come from a lie, so when Preston goes missing and all clues lead to Max, the race is on to find out who the real killer is, before an innocent has to pay.


2. Horns by Joe Hill


Not really YA but a thrilling addition to the October reads.  Ig had everything, but then lost everything, when his beloved Merrin was raped and murdered under inexplicable circumstances.  Being born in a wealthy family and being the only suspect, everyone just assumes that things were settled out of court and that he’s just a murderer who should be behind bars. Everything changes when he starts to grow horns and develops a macabre ability a year later, that when he decides to use this to his advantage and find the real murderer.


1. Dorothy Must Die series by Danielle Paige

“Somewhere in the back of my mind, I had the vaguest notion that I was the one being wicked. But I found that I didn’t care. In fact, I almost enjoyed it.”

You can’t spell HalloWicked without a group of sassy, rebelliously wicked witches with a cause, which is why Danielle Paige’s series is a must for the occasion! Follow Amy Gumm, as she goes from an ordinary Kansas trailer park teen, to a deadly witch within the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked on a quest to kill Dorothy and make Oz whole again. Part of the story is already available, with Yellow Brick War coming out next year and The Straw King, novella No. 5 coming out November 10th from Harper.

Any other books you’d like to add to the list? Enjoying some of these spooky reads soon? Let us know in the comments section below. And remember, you can get these, and many more titles at The Bookmark!

Happy Reading!

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Go Back To The Beginning in No Place Like Oz

By Mónica González


9780062280763Have you ever wondered what happens after a story’s happily ever after? Is it really everything you ever thought it would be, or is it something else? Well, thanks to Danielle Paige’s Dorothy Must Die series, we can find out what happens after Dorothy clicks her heels together and gets back to Kansas.  Now, her first book in the series follows Amy Gumm and her crash landing into a dark and broken Oz, but how did it get that way in the first place? That’s what her short story novellas are here for, starting with Dorothy Gale’s perspective in No Place Like Oz.

A few years after the tornado hit Kansas and Dorothy left and came back, it seems that home was not as great as she remembered, which made her miserable.  She realized that, in Kansas, It’s all about the manual labor you put in, and there’s no time or space to even dream of bigger or better things.

Settling to have nothing but a pig and a chicken for friends (as lovely as Miss Millie might be), Dorothy wants nothing more than to get back to Oz, specially while knowing that no one home believes her story to be real.  After finding a pair of magical ruby red stilettos under her bed on her sixteenth birthday, she does what she knows best, click her heels together three times, bringing this time her aunt and uncle along for the ride.

“As if all that wasn’t enough to tell me I was back in Munchkin Country, the only real proof I needed was staring right at me. Not ten paces from the stream, a little old farmhouse was situated crookedly in a patch of dirt.
Just where I had left it.” – No Place Like Oz

middle_86b1207995c56459583808132eac70aabc_noplacelikeozgraphic3Aunt Em and Uncle Henry’s reactions when arriving at Oz are very believable and realistic for people who don’t believe in the supernatural.  They were reluctant to accept their surroundings as real, they assumed everything was done through trickery and, like Dorothy at first, all they wanted was to get back home to Kansas.

Dorothy, on the other hand, had different plans of her own. On a quest to find and save Glinda from the claws of an allegedly evil Princess Ozma,

“As I looked back out at the bustling city, the cheerful scene suddenly seemed sinister: the smiles of the people turned to leers and the candy-bright colors took on a garish, desperate tint.
Glinda was gone, I reminded myself, off somewhere no one seemed to know about.
Something wasn’t right here.” – No Place Like Oz

Throughout the novella, you will experience with Dorothy the process of morphing from the sweet, innocent farm girl that we all know and love, to the ruthless, power-obsessed dictator that took over Oz, because for everything that’s wonderful, there’s something wicked, too.

“That’s the price you pay for magic. It’s worth it, I thought. Even here, standing at the mouth of a place that radiated the purest evil I’d ever felt, I knew it would always be worth it.” – Dorothy Gale.

Want to know more about the story? Make sure to read Danielle Paige’s No Place Like Oz in her paperback compilation Dorothy Must Die: Stories Volume 1, which you can find at The Bookmark. Stay tuned for more and Happy HalloWicked everyone!

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October New Releases

By Mónica G. González



October is almost here, and you know what that means, there are some new books coming out next month! Don’t know what to get yet? I’ve got you covered. Check out some of next months releases right here:

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
The Companion for Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl is finally upon us! This is the story that Cath (main character from Fangirl) writes about her beloved Simon & Baz, main character and villain from the Simon Snow Series before the release of Gemma T. Leslie’s final book.  On sale on October 6th by St. Martin’s Griffin.


A Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis MadnessSoDiscreetCOVERUSE
Grace Mae has been locked in an asylum until a criminal psychologist takes her in as an assistant to hunt down a serial killer. On sale on October 6th by Katherine Tegen Books.


Future Perfect by Jen Larsen
A teenager struggles to convince her grandmother of how her weight is not a crime, that is until her grandmother presents her an offer too hard to refuse, to pay for her Harvard tuition if she undergoes weight loss surgery. Perfect for the fans of this month’s hit release, Julie Murphy’s Dumplin’. On Sale on October 6th by HarperTeen.


A Step Toward Falling by Cammie McGovern

Two teenagers see a girl with a disability being attacked and do nothing about it.  As a punishment, they are sent to do community service and they start to believe that they’re making a difference, now, if only they can figure out a way to help who they hurt the most. On sale on October 6th by HarperTeen.


Romancing the Dark in the City of Light by Ann Jacobus
A troubled teenager is repeating her senior year for the second time in her fourth high school. If she doesn’t pass it, she’ll lose her inheritance.  When she meets two boys, one that will push her to embrace life, another to put her at risk, she’ll have to choose if the dangers are worth taking. On sale on October 6th by Thomas Dunne Books.


Ice Like Fire by Sarah Raasch
This is the second installment of the Snow Like Ashes series. Officially on sale on October 13th by Balzer + Bray, unless you happen to attend this wednesday’s special pre-sale event at The Bookmark!


The Rose Society by Marie Lu
This is the second installment on the Young Elites series. On sale on October 13th by G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers.


Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor
Based on the hit podcast about crazy and unlikely mysteries in the middle of a dessert, you definitely not miss reading this!. On sale on October 20th by Harper Perennial.


What We Left Behind by Robin Talley
A so called perfect couple is forced to do long distance when they go off to college, facing the struggles of losing and finding their separate identities, and figure out where they belong in life. On Sale on October 27th by Harlequin Teen


Underneath Everything by Marcy Beller Paul
A teenager forced to social isolation because of her former best friend decides to take everything back, blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy, love and loyalty, friendship and obsession. On sale on October 27th by Balzer + Bray.


So, which books are you planning on getting next month? Any that you think I should’ve added to the list? Let me know in the comments section below.

Happy Reading!

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Top 5 Must Have Tools For The Book Obsessed

If by any degree you happen to be like me, then you don’t just read, you LIVE for books.  Every single time I leave The Bookmark, all I do is think about the next time I’ll be back there.  What I’ll drink, what books I’ll be taking home, if I want a paperback or a hardcover version, will the movie tie-in version better looking than the original? You name it.  Books aren’t just inanimate objects for our entertainment, they’re a lifestyle that requires a certain level of maintenance.  It’s not just buying books, it’s how you take care of them after you get them as well. There are several items that come in handy when you’re as book obsessed as I know you probably are, since you landed here. My ultimate “must have” tools are these:

No. 5: Tote bag


Every time you visit a bookstore, or go to school, or work, you can’t help but to bring a book with you. But, wait!  You have at least three books you have to read and you simply can’t choose one over the other.  That’s when your trusty tote bag comes in handy.  It’s sturdy, it’s lightweight, and it fits tons of books.


No. 4: Transparent Plastic bag

Photo by Junkies Literarios

So you’re out in the world, it’s a beautiful day and… Oh no! There’s a gigantic rain cloud coming your way, your book will be ruined!  Luckily, you brought with you a clear plastic bag in case something like this happened.  My favorite in this case is the ones that cover sheet sets at places like IKEA or Bed Bath & Beyond because it fits your books perfectly over ninety percent of the time.  It’s a common household item that just might save the life of your paperback.


No. 3: A Notebook or Journal


This can be of huge help, specially if you have a website of your own and you do reviews, My favorite is The Book Lover’s Journal, which you can purchase at The Bookmark, but in a general sense, any notebook will do.


No. 2: Flashlight or Book Light


Although a lot of us might read throughout the day, no one can truly resist the delight of reading late at night when there’s not a soul in sight to interrupt our book date.  That’s the perfect moment to whip out your handy-dandy… Clip-on book light! (Yes, I just used a 90’s Blue’s Clues reference, and yes, you need one of these in your life.)


No. 1: Page markers, post it notes and Bookmarks


These are the best for keeping track of your reading and marking your favorite scenes.  No respectable book lover would be caught without at least one pack of page markers or a minimum of one bookmark.


What do you think? Do you agree with my list? Are there any other items you would like to add? Let me know in the comments section below.  Happy reading!

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Upcoming Adaptations to keep an eye on this fall

By Mónica González


If you’re one of those book-before-movie kind of people, my favorite people in the world, then this article is for you!  With the premiere of The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials last week, I felt somewhat inspired. I did some research and found out what some of the next film adaptations will be, and I have to say, the results are satisfying to say the least! Here are the next six productions I’ll be watching before the year ends:

1. The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials. Maze-Runner-The-Scorch-Trials-Poster This is the second installment in the Maze Runner franchise. In theaters now.


2. He Named Me Malala  he-named-me-malala-posterTechnically not a movie, but it’s a documentary based on a biographical book, so don’t hate. In this documentary, we’ll see the life of Malala Yousafzai, author of the book “I am Malala”, and how she’s been working hard toward education and women’s rights in India.  I would check with your local theater to find out if they will be showing it.  If so, the release date is October 2nd.


3. Pan 3DPan_2015_poster In this retelling of a classic, a very young Peter gets whisked away to neverland and has to join a group of unlikely heroes to save Neverland from the evil plans of captain Blackbeard. Levi Miller makes his big screen debut along with an A-List cast including Hugh Jackman, Rooney Mara, Cara Delevingne and Amanda Seyfried.  Film will be released on October 9.


4. Goosebumps Goosebumps_(film)_posterA twist on R. L. Stine’s 90s classic series.  After accidentally setting loose all of the monsters from Stine’s books, Zach (Dylan Minnette), along with Stine (Jack Black) and his daughter Hannah (Odeya Rush), team up to put them back before they cause any harm.  Film is set for October 16.


5. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2  16646856587_1067d9e7d0_oThis is the final installment of the Hunger Games Franchise. This will be Katniss’ last chance to overthrow President Snow’s empire, rehabilitate Peeta, and free everyone from the district system before they all burn to the ground.  The series ends on November 20.


6. Victor Frankenstein


Told from Igor’s Point of View (Daniel Radcliffe), this fresh take on Mary Shelley’s classic will sure keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.  Meet your makers on November 25.

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22 Moments Book Lovers Know All Too Well

Because the struggle is real…

By @TheLiteraryMomo

1. When you find yourself at a crossroads.


2. But then you realize, It’s a brand new book, and you’re reading it for the first time.


3. So instead, you take on the guilty pleasure of book sniffing.


4. And suddenly you remember… you haven’t taken off the price label!


5. And now you’re good to go, but you can’t find a comfortable enough position for reading.


6. When you finally find one, it’s in bed and this happens.


7. So you get really into the story and notice the new protagonist/love interest is a total dreamboat.


8. And then you feel so in sync with the author that you catch on the plot twists before they happen.


9. And all you want to do is finish the book that you start neglecting other responsibilities.


10. And everyone just keeps interrupting you…


11. And then you notice that you weren’t as in sync with the author as you thought and your potential OCD starts acting up.


12. But, against all odds, you managed to finish your book, and you can’t handle the hangover.


13. And since the book is so new, it doesn’t actually have a fandom yet.


14.  So then you try to get your friends to read it so you’re not alone with your pain.


15. And then, nobody seems to understand your crisis.


16. And since you can’t get over this book, you can’t figure out how to move on to another one so they just keep piling up, at the same rate as your chances of having a social life.


17.  Your struggle gets so bad, you start losing track of what’s real and what’s in your head.


18. And then, you find a kind soul who actually wants to read the book! You let it borrow it hoping they aren’t like the last person you let borrow one of your books.


19. But turns out you trusted the right person! Good for you!


20. So after they’re done and you’ve finally found the closure you needed, you finish another book.


21.  And just when you thought you were done with that story, guess what; a movie is announced!


22.  Even when the movie might be good, you know that the book is ALWAYS better. So you move on, and your friend, who now trusts your judgement completely, needs a new read.


Happy reading!