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Book Club Shenanigans with Kate Scelsa at The Bookmark!

Kate Scelsa, author of Fans of the Impossible Life

Last month, the bookmark kicked off the year with their very first book club autor, Amy Ewing discussing her newest novel The White Rose, which follows the struggles of Violet Lasting after the events in The Jewel. This time around, we welcomed a brand new author to the scene, Fans of the Impossible Life (FOTIL) creator, Kate Scelsa.

The night began with a round of the game that’s becoming viral all over the BookTuber universe, Ship it or Rip it. The attendant who suggested it, a frequent Bookmark customer, customised it so that the characters were either from classic YA, recent adaptations or recent book club picks.


The results are in:

Ship it or rip it!The bookmark EDITION-2

As you can see, there were too little ships and a lot of drowners, it’s a good thing they all live in separate universes! In their defence, I kind of ship Fourven, it seems very plausible to me.

During the discussion and the Q&A round with Kate Scelsa herself via Skype, there was a lot of mixed feelings regarding the written format of the novel, aspect that Scelsa explained that came clear to her during the rewriting process. “It was through the rewriting process when I realised it needed to be Jeremy on first person, Sebby on second person & Mira on third person.” Developing the story in that way was inspired by some of the plays that Sclera’s theatre group have performed, especially when they did The Great Gatsby. She described parts of the play where Jay Gatsby would “tell you a story about some very interesting people” but stating that he himself was not interesting, just the people in the story itself.

Scelsa also stated that although her life experiences are not particularly what inspired the story, the people in her life and her friendships are.

Kate Scelsa discussing her novel with the readers from The Bookmark.

“I’ve had friendships that have felt like these friendships but these events didn’t happen in my life. Real life doesn’t always make sense, if i try to write real stories about the people I based these characters from, it will not have a good narrative. I’ll usually write stories around the feeling of those friendships instead.” – Scelsa on her writing process.

Another twist on the events was the fact that she was interested in the thoughts of the readers regarding the more ambiguous parts of the novel. “Usually readers have better answers to these questions than I do so I’m interested to hear what you have to say,” Said Scelsa when asked about the events at the end of the book.

Unveiling next book club pick: Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli.

Did you make it to #BookClupPR this month? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below! Also, don’t forget to join us for next month’s event where Becky Albertalli will be discussing with readers via Skype her YA debut and NY Times best-selling novel Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda. The event will take place on Wednesday, march 30th, 6:30 p.m. at The Bookmark. See you there!

Happy Reading!

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Glass Sword Official Blog Tour Review

Note: Originally written for Thursday, February 11, 2016.



Mare Barrow’s blood is red—the color of common folk—but her Silver ability, the power to control lightning, has turned her into a weapon that the royal court tries to control.

The crown calls her an impossibility, a fake, but as she makes her escape from Maven, the prince—the friend—who betrayed her, Mare uncovers something startling: she is not the only one of her kind.

Pursued by Maven, now a vindictive king, Mare sets out to find and recruit other Red-and-Silver fighters to join in the struggle against her oppressors.

But Mare finds herself on a deadly path, at risk of becoming exactly the kind of monster she is trying to defeat.

Will she shatter under the weight of the lives that are the cost of rebellion? Or have treachery and betrayal hardened her forever?


In Glass Sword, Victoria Aveyard’s newest installment of the Red Queen series, Mare finds herself struggling with the realization that no one is who she thought they were and her trust and loyalties will be put to the ultimate test.

After Maven, once an ally and beloved Prince, is now an infamous ruler whose sole purpose is to get rid of those who represent a threat to his rule.  Unfortunately for Mare, that means herself, Prince Cal, The Scarlet Guard, and any other red with unusual abilities out there.  Those who are now being called Newbloods pose as a danger to Maven’s rule, but also to themselves if caught.

CWNtYMdUEAA-XWWThe plan is to find all the newbloods, to protect them and teach them how to harness their abilities, to try to get there before Maven finds them and kills them all.  But the plan might be harder to achieve than expected, and they will all have to give anything and everything to make it happen, even if it means losing themselves in the process.

If I may be honest, this is one of the books I’ve been waiting for the most out of the 2016 releases.  Luckily enough, it was one of the earliest releases of the year and even luckier, I was asked to join the official blog tour.  I have to say, the book did not disappoint.

The story begins right at the end of the previous book, so you get the feel of the last one right away.  Although at times it felt slow, during training sessions for example (I’m not too big on those),  all the action packed scenes that were spread throughout the story made up for it. Aveyard’s background on screenwriting is an incredible asset when it comes to her world building and storytelling process, you really get the feel of how Norta is geographically designed, you feel like if you are actually there with everyone.

My favorite scenes from the book were all involving a certain newblood speedster and his very intriguing… let’s call it “missions” for the sake of a spoiler-free review.  Getting to know more about this character up close, rather than in not-so-random mentions, was both refreshing and well adapted into the story.

The ending left me breathless.
This is not the first time this happens to me with this series.
I can’t talk about it.
So please… just read it so you understand my pain!

No, seriously, the ending was that good, it left me crushed but also wanting more, from one book junkie to another, I will be not-so-patiently awaiting for the next installment until it’s finally on my hands.

Happy Reading!


Remember you can get these and many more titles at The Bookmark!
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99 Reasons to Love 99 Days

 By Mónica González



99Days99 Days is the story of how Molly Barlow’s life got turned upside down after her mother published a book about the real life love triangle between her and brothers Patrick and Gabe Donnelly. Forced to run away to Bristol Academy for her senior year after the social persecution lead by Patrick’s twin sister Julia, Molly is back home for the summer. Ninety-nine more days of summer until she can leave again for vacation, and nothing has changed in town; Julia still wants her head, Molly is still trying to hide in her room with popcorn and Netflix; nothing has changed except for her newfound affection towards Gabe.

Molly knows that getting involved with the Donellys again is just asking for trouble, but her connection to Gabe, who seems to be the only human being on the planet happy to see her again, is not something she can just ignore. Will their relationship survive the ninety-nine days of car-keying, egging and drink tossing, or will it fall to the ground along with her reputation? Only one way to find out!

Katie Cotugno

Before I go on, I have to admit, this novel was my second attempt at reading Katie Cotugno. My opinion of her writing has turned upside down in a completely opposite way from how Molly’s life got turned after Driftwood (a.k.a. the Molly-inspired novel). I didn’t really like her other book, How To Love, but 99 Days was simply magical.

I loved how her emotional struggles between the how boys was displayed in a very realistic way. Most people will say that Molly’s behavior was unreasonable and unacceptable, but the truth is that it might not be morally correct, but let’s face it, she grew up with these guys! She couldn’t have been more emotionally attached to them, even if she had lived to them under the same roof! You can’t get rid of that sort of attachment and love, even. She might have dated Patrick first, got involved with Gabe after, but that never meant she ever stopped caring about either one of them.

Which brings me to the boys. I felt a dislike towards Patrick from the start; partly from his irrationally controlling behavior, partly for his indecisiveness and impulsiveness. I don’t want to make it sound like Gabe was any better, but he didn’t try to control the situation to his favor, or it didn’t feel like it at least. Tess, Patrick’s girlfriend, had some very open-minded reactions from the start and I feel that her final reactions were very understandable.

I gave this book five solid and bright stars, on account that it exceeded my expectations, it didn’t end up having a “…we all lived happily ever after…” cliché ending, and because it had a reasonable approach to the events at hand.

And before I head out, let’s see if you’re up for this challenge. Below this article you will find the Emojireads summary of 99 days by our friends at Epic Reads.  See if you can figure it out and then read the book to see if you were right. Remember you can get this and many more titles, as always, at The Bookmark.

Happy Reading!


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Spoilers Like Crazy… See What I Did There?

Why, Hello there literary junkies!  As you may have noticed, the book of the weekend has been Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch, after the Skype Q&A chat she had with our friends at The Bookmark last Wednesday.  In case you missed it, go check out my recap right here! If you missed it, read it, and you’re dying for more, here are eight spoilerful details Sarah Raasch told us about her upcoming work:

1. If you didn’t know, there is a companion story on Wattpad called Flames Like Vines that chronologically happens between books 1 and 2, featuring Ceridwen Preben, Princess of the Summer Kingdom.



2. The title and cover art for book 3 are ready to be released!



3. The Title will be released in December and the cover art in February.


She did say that the second word will be “Like” for sure. *laughs*


4. Book 3 will begin with Meira learning to control her ice powers.


So no more accidental ice shooting people off carriages, phew!


5. Lekam and his husband will have a very touching and romantic moment in book 3!



6. There will be more action and more battle scenes in the next book.



7. There’s a reason why there isn’t much known about Paisley, and it will be revealed in the next installment.



8. Raasch is currently working on more projects on YA Fantasy.



So, did you read Ice Like Fire? Are you Pumped for the next book in the story? Let us know in the comments section below and remember you can get these and many more titles at The Bookmark!

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Ice Like Fire Book Club Recap at The Bookmark

By Mónica González


12119112_502890723198820_2511616258685980531_nLast Wednesday, our friends at The Bookmark hosted a very special book club event, one which also coincided with the first anniversary of said book club.  This month’s guest was actually one of the first to be featured on their book clubs, Ice Like Fire author Sara Raasch.

The event began with the traditional discussion of the book, what everyone loved, what they didn’t, what they need more information on, you get the deal.

The first round of discussion was a vivid and spoiler-full recount of the most shocking deaths throughout the story.  While some were truly heartbreaking, others came as a surprise of a more pleasant and “fiery” nature.  For the biggest, most heartbreaking death, Raasch said that she “didn’t really mean to, it was just one of those that came as a surprise but was super necessary.”

Most attendants agreed that throughout this novel, Meira, the heroine and now Queen of Winter, has grown up from the child she once was.  But in doing so, she’s lost control of everything; “she lost control of her powers, she lost control of her men, etcetera,” said Jonathan Cotto, one of The Bookmark’s frequent visitors.  Cotto also mentioned that he was excited for Wednesday’s event, given that Sara Raasch, and her debut Snow Like Ashes, had been featured on the first Epic Reads book club event he attended.

While at the beginning, a lot of people considered that the mindset of the characters throughout the book had changed so much that it changed their essence, later on in the event, Raasch explains that this was sort of her “book where everybody is picking up the pieces,” so basically, every important character is dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and handling it in a different way.  She even described Meira’s PTSD as similar to Robert Downey Jr.’s panic attack scenes during Iron Man 3.

At some point the discussion went from PTSD to “Party in Primoria,” once we got to the Summer Kingdom. In case you haven’t read the book, let me tell you, that place is W-I-L-D! Someone throughout the discussion referred to it as the “Las Vegas” of Primoria, and not for no reason.  The Summer capital, Juli (yes, with an “i”, it’s not a typo), is always in a state of bliss, partying day and night and it’s known for their wine and their brothels.  That same attendant who refered to Juli as Vegas mentioned that she had to do a double take when she realized there were naked ladies running around the street and that King Simon greeted Meira and her companions completely naked (minus his conduit cuff) after waking up from what appeared to be an orgy.
Now, one of the most loved characters that were introduced in this book was Ceridwen Preben, the Princess of the Summer Kingdom, sister of Summer King Simon.  She is one badass and rebellious royal who spends her time hijacking her brother’s slave shipments so she can set them free. Rasch said that there’s even a Wattpad companion story featuring her life and the events between Snow Like Ashes and Ice Like Fire, which you can find here.

If there had to be a visual description of how the love triangle between Mather, Meira and Theron was described by our guests, it would probably go something like this:
Meira's love triangle

But then again, it was also pointed out that because of everything that had been happening in the story, there wasn’t really a need for a strong love triangle, at least not until the situation was more resolved.  Regarding Prince Theron’s change of attitude in the novel, Raasch explained that even though a lot of people are angry about the Cordell prince acting the way he is, like Meira, he’s also trying to pick up the pieces after all that’s happened.  He feels like it’s not fair to the people of Winter that he’s so upset because while they’ve been dealing with the situation for sixteen years, he just got into it and he doesn’t deserve to be struggling.

TenThousandSkies_frntCvrSo, what did you think about the book? Did you have a chance to participate? If you want to know some more about what’s coming soon from Sara Raasch and her Snow Like Ashes series, stay tuned and don’t forget to visit our friends at The Bookmark. Next up in book club, Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray (on sale November 3, 2015), which was announced via one very special video straight from Epic Reads HQ featuring Margo, who’s one of the Tea Time Booktubers.

Happy Reading!

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Give In To the Dark Side With The Wicked Will Rise

By Mónica González


91I7tRPe+cLOz is at war.  The Emerald City is in flames, the order is scattered all across the country, and the evil Princess Dorothy is nowhere to be found, while the just Queen Ozma has become something completely unexpected; one half of a whole. There is chaos all around and it’s up to one person to fix it.

In Danielle Paige’s sequel to the New Yor Times Best Seller Dorothy Must Die, Amy Gumm finds herself face to face with the results of her failed mission.  Dorothy is still alive somewhere and she’s lost all contact with the order members.  She and Ozma have been saved by The Wizard, and the wingless monkeys (with the help of some paper wings and a bit of magic) are taking them to safety.

After a series of events that happen throughout their passing through the Queendom of the wingless ones, which I’ll refrain myself from mentioning to avoid major spoilers, I’d say that the most important theme of the novel is Amy’s fight, not just within Oz or against Dorothy’s rule, but with herself and her potential for darkness and middle_1859bf680eadd8d56e1a96aac11781737a_wickedwillrise_socialgraphic2evil.  All of her life, she’s been a decent person.  Yes, she has a smart mouth that wouldn’t even stay shut if her life depended on it, but she’s never really harmed anyone.  She always let herself be pushed around and told off by everyone, and that past of being pushed around is exactly what will feed her darkness and make her someone different than who she thought she was, that will be the moment when the Wicked will Rise.

In general, I have to say that I found this book a million times more surprising than its prequel, which is saying something because Dorothy Must Die had surprises at every turn.  There were some characters whose involvement I missed when compared to the first book, but their absence made way for a deeper character development primarily for Pete and Ozma, but also for other minor characters.

My emotions were put to a test. For some characters, my affection towards them grew even more; for others, I started hating them, and then there were some characters that, thanks to that ditzy brain of mine, I had completely forgotten how much I hated them (but it’s okay because I’m pretty sure Paige hates them and their sneaky evil ways as much as I do).

I can’t say much more, because the book was a everything that I hoped it would be, maybe even more.  As of this moment, I’ve read every available part of the story, including the prequel novellas, so all that’s left to says is this… Bring on the Yellow Brick War!

Remember you can get these books, and many more, at The Bookmark.

Happy HalloWicked!

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Goodreads, What is it and Why You Need To Have One

By Mónica González


Has it ever happened that you suddenly find yourself on a really bad reading slump and you can’t seem to shake it off? I know it might sound unlikely with so many wonderful books out there, but sometimes it just happens.  Admit it, we’ve all been there.  I’ve certainly been there before.  Once, it got so bad that it lasted around three years.  Can you imagine that? Three years without a single story drawing you in, filling your soul? Madness!

Luckily, I had my good friend Meg to snap me out of it.  She gave me a 42 book long list of must reads for every taste and genre, and that was it! I was back in the game when I discovered the stories created by authors like Libba Bray, Erin Morgenstern and, of course, Susan Dennard herself!  Yes folks, if not for her, I might not be the girl constantly harassing  you to indulge in the delight that is Something Strange and Deadly.

goodreads-home-235x300I know that, while I have some amazing, book-loving friends out there, not everyone is so lucky.  Sometimes we can’t help to be surrounded by people with a more “technical” brain or just don’t appreciate the written word as much as we do.  That’s when we have to take advantage of the technological resources out there, and by that, I mean you need to get on Goodreads!

Goodreads is a platform that works as a literary database where you can track what you’re reading, rate books and get recommendations based on your favorites. Basically, what you do is “shelve” the books you’ve read, are currently reading, and want to read.  You can also add custom shelves, such as the ones on my account, where I’ve added my wish list, what I haven’t read yet from my friend Meg’s list, and a list for books that haven’t been released yet.

screen322x572Tracking your currently reading shelf works as a digital bookmark where you write down what page you’re on.  In addition to page count, you can also do a reading challenge, where you set a goal of books you want to read before the year ends and it’ll tell you how many books ahead or behind you are, as well as how many books you have to read per month to stay on track.

Their rating system works on a 1-to-5 stars range, and each book shows you the individual ratings as well as the overall score.  You can also add reviews and link them to your blog so it’ll post automatically on both.

Based on your shelves and rating, Goodreads will send you a monthly newsletter so you can stay up to date on your favorite authors!  Since it’s a database, you can browse through genres, authors and lists.  You can also get quotes from your favorite books or even get inspired to pick a new one.

You may also join Book Clubs, answer polls, participate in giveaways, and let your voice be heard by voting on the Goodreads Choice Awards!  If you needed any more reasons to get one, know that there’s even a section where you can find ebooks that are public domain or if you enjoy fan fiction you can find a decent stock there. As an added bonus, you can also link your account to not just your blog, but your Facebook and twitter accounts as well.  So, What are you waiting for? Go get yourself a Goodreads account!

Happy Reading!


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Find out What The Wizard is Really Made of in The Wizard Returns!

By Mónica González


23507358Three tests await the infamous -yet wonderful- Wizard of Oz.  The tests will prove if his levels of wisdom, courage and love are fit for the one true savior this land needs, now that Dorothy has returned and become a tyrant.

In Liam Frank Baum’s classic, the wizard was sort of a quirky guy who took advantage of the Ozian’s innocence by tricking them into building him a palace and making him ruler.  It’s been a long time since then and after Dorothy, with all of her initial childlike innocence, exposed him to all of Oz, he chose to return to the other place… But did he really?

It’s been twenty-five Oz years since his balloon went up in the sky and into the storm, twenty-five years of crashing into the poppy field and into a blissful sleep. Now, after being rescued by a mysterious boy with bright emerald eyes, the Wizard has lost his memory and, the only way to retrieve it is by submitting himself to the Fairies’ test and prove himself worthy of Oz.

This is a story about redemption, about finding your true self and figuring out who you truly are. Was the Wizard truly evil, or was he just making the best out of a complicated situation? Will he remain oblivious to all the damage he’s caused, or will he remember what he’s done?

Danielle Paige has managed to give a fresh spin on a classic, and all of these novellas complement the story in an exquisite way, it wouldn’t be fair for you if I went into detail about the story.  If I did, there wouldn’t be much point in reading it, and that’s not the objective of this piece.  The Wizard’s choices are what make the story what it is, the story’s development helps tie some confusing loose ends from the full novels and the story in general makes you think about who the true villain of the series could actually be.  All I’m going to say is that, after rereading this novella a second time, I feel very strongly about the Wizard, whether it’s in a positive or negative way, the only way you’ll find out is by reading The Wizard Returns!

Remember that this novella, along with No Place Like Oz and The Witch Must Burn in the compilation of stories included in Dorothy Must Die: Stories Volume 1.  Also, don’t forget to follow Amy’s quest to free Oz in Dorothy Must Die, The Wicked Will Rise, and Yellow Brick War, coming soon from Harper.

You can get these, along with many other titles, as always, at The Bookmark!

Happy HalloWicked Everyone!

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Join the revolution in The Witch Must Burn!

By Mónica González


91P+AGtkzlLJellia Jamb, Dorothy’s go-to maid for absolutely everything, is more than meets the eye and you’re about to find out the extent of it in Danielle Paige’s second Dorothy Must Die Novella, The Witch Must Burn.


Jellia has been a maid in the Emerald Palace for as long as she can remember.  Orphaned and brought to the palace as a child, growing up with Ozma and training herself as a Lady’s Maid is what she’s always done, what she loves and what she’s great at, or so she thought. As it turns out, Jellia is part-fairy and possesses strong magic, stronger than most people in Oz, aside from Ozma herself, and now Dorothy who seems to be back for good.


“I’d always kept the extent of my magic a secret from everyone else in the palace. Adding a little extra shine to the silverware was no stretch for most Ozians, but ever since that day, I knew that my own powers were different—and stronger—from everyone else in the palace. Except Dorothy. And Ozma.”

– Jellia, Danielle Paige’s The Witch Must Burn


With Dorothy taking over the Emerald City, Ozma only a shell of what she used to be, and Glinda taking a secret interest in draining the magic out of Oz for herself, Jellia knows that it’s just about time that someone does something about it. The problem is that, being a servant her entire life, she doesn’t really know where to start, all she knows is that the closer she gets to Dorothy, the higher her intel will be, and maybe, just maybe, she’ll find a way to rid Oz of the nightmare that has become Dorothy Gale.

Lucky for her, theres a secret group that has been keeping tabs on her who just might be the key to fixing things.  On an enforced summer “internship” in Glinda’s palace, Jellia meets Nox, an undercover member of the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked.  With his help, along with the resources of the rest of the Order, Jellia will embark on a mission to make Oz whole, no matter the risk.

“ I believe in the possibility of a better Oz, Jellia. I have to. I won’t let Glinda and Dorothy keep destroying our country. And if I can avenge my parents’ deaths—well, so much the better.”

– Nox, Danielle Paige’s The Witch Must Burn


y450-293Remember that you can read Jellia’s story, as part of the novella compilation of Dorothy Must Die: Stories Volume 1, which you can get, along with many other titles, at The Bookmark. Join Jellia, Nox, Amy, and the rest of the Order and Join the revolution.  With your help, “the witch will burn!”


Happy Reading and Happy HalloWicked!

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Go Back To The Beginning in No Place Like Oz

By Mónica González


9780062280763Have you ever wondered what happens after a story’s happily ever after? Is it really everything you ever thought it would be, or is it something else? Well, thanks to Danielle Paige’s Dorothy Must Die series, we can find out what happens after Dorothy clicks her heels together and gets back to Kansas.  Now, her first book in the series follows Amy Gumm and her crash landing into a dark and broken Oz, but how did it get that way in the first place? That’s what her short story novellas are here for, starting with Dorothy Gale’s perspective in No Place Like Oz.

A few years after the tornado hit Kansas and Dorothy left and came back, it seems that home was not as great as she remembered, which made her miserable.  She realized that, in Kansas, It’s all about the manual labor you put in, and there’s no time or space to even dream of bigger or better things.

Settling to have nothing but a pig and a chicken for friends (as lovely as Miss Millie might be), Dorothy wants nothing more than to get back to Oz, specially while knowing that no one home believes her story to be real.  After finding a pair of magical ruby red stilettos under her bed on her sixteenth birthday, she does what she knows best, click her heels together three times, bringing this time her aunt and uncle along for the ride.

“As if all that wasn’t enough to tell me I was back in Munchkin Country, the only real proof I needed was staring right at me. Not ten paces from the stream, a little old farmhouse was situated crookedly in a patch of dirt.
Just where I had left it.” – No Place Like Oz

middle_86b1207995c56459583808132eac70aabc_noplacelikeozgraphic3Aunt Em and Uncle Henry’s reactions when arriving at Oz are very believable and realistic for people who don’t believe in the supernatural.  They were reluctant to accept their surroundings as real, they assumed everything was done through trickery and, like Dorothy at first, all they wanted was to get back home to Kansas.

Dorothy, on the other hand, had different plans of her own. On a quest to find and save Glinda from the claws of an allegedly evil Princess Ozma,

“As I looked back out at the bustling city, the cheerful scene suddenly seemed sinister: the smiles of the people turned to leers and the candy-bright colors took on a garish, desperate tint.
Glinda was gone, I reminded myself, off somewhere no one seemed to know about.
Something wasn’t right here.” – No Place Like Oz

Throughout the novella, you will experience with Dorothy the process of morphing from the sweet, innocent farm girl that we all know and love, to the ruthless, power-obsessed dictator that took over Oz, because for everything that’s wonderful, there’s something wicked, too.

“That’s the price you pay for magic. It’s worth it, I thought. Even here, standing at the mouth of a place that radiated the purest evil I’d ever felt, I knew it would always be worth it.” – Dorothy Gale.

Want to know more about the story? Make sure to read Danielle Paige’s No Place Like Oz in her paperback compilation Dorothy Must Die: Stories Volume 1, which you can find at The Bookmark. Stay tuned for more and Happy HalloWicked everyone!