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Live with Colleen Hoover at The Bookmark!

By Mónica González

(@The LiteraryMomo)

Colleen Hoover

Some people call her the queen of romance, other know her as the mastermind behind the soon-to-be-motion-picture Ugly Love Featuring this magnificent specimen on the lead role; however you choose to acknowledge her, Colleen Hoover is an author that demands being read.

After the success of her latest novel November 9, which was released last month and was sold out in print nationwide on its first week, Hoover sat down for a virtual Q&A session with her fans, arranged by our friends at The Bookmark. Said event took place last Thursday at The Bookmark and we have the scoop on everything we learned during the live chat!


Throughout the evening, Hoover spoiled us with information on the Ugly Love movie, like the fact that they are still working on the screenplay and casting. Hoover also stated that she believes that “the goal is to start filming in May.” The author described Nick Bateman, the movie’s male lead as really passionate about the book and someone who gets Miles Archer’s character.

“He’s just a really good guy, he’s had the same girlfriend for like eight or nine years, y’all would love him,” – Colleen Hoover on Nick Bateman

Hoover got the idea for the book when she realized she never wrote about the typical bad boy, choosing do it for the first time by giving him a very good reason to act the way he does by making him go through the worst possible thing she believed could happen to a human being.

N9CRegarding her writing process for November 9, Hoover said through chuckles that she avoids using people she knows for inspiration because she doesn’t “want anyone mad at [her],” and that she spent two years working on the idea before she actually sat down to write the novel. November 9, now available for purchase at The Bookmark and through daily interactive snippets on an app called Crave, follows the story of Ben, a writer on the quest for the story of his first novel, and Fallon, a girl with big acting dreams that seemed to be crushed after she was almost burned alive in a fire.

About selling out worldwide, Hoover stated the following: “That was amazing, it was the first time that it’s ever happened.  It was the first time that the book hit the print list on the New York Times, it’s always the e-book or the e-book and print combined, it was crazy just to know that in the first week they had to do another print run, that was amazing.”

One of the most memorable moments of the night was when one of the guests shared with Hoover and everyone in attendance that she wrote a review that Hoover herself liked on Goodreads and her boyfriend framed it for her. “A lot of people think authors don’t read their reviews but, before and after one of my books comes out, I stalk Goodreads like crazy; I read every review, I love doing that. I love seeing what people are going to think about my books. So, if you’re on the fence about writing a review and if it really matters to you then do it, because a lot of authors really appreciate it,” said Hoover after her fan showed her the framed review.

So, did you come to the event? Did any of your questions get answered? Please let us know in the comments section below and remember to like and share with all your friends. For more on Colleen Hoover and all of your favorite authors, remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Happy Reading!




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