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The CoHo Effect on November 9

By Mónica González


Colleen Hoover
Colleen Hoover

Mondays are days where I usually go with some sort of book recommendation or a list of sorts. Today I’d like to do something a bit different. I want to talk about what I call in my head, the CoHo effect.

What’s the CoHo effect, you may be asking yourself? It’s the massive amount of feels that you’re bound to experience when you grab any novel written by Colleen Hoover.

Hoover is an American YA and New Adult romance author who lives in Texas, and she’s the mastermind behind stories like Ugly Love and the Never Never series.  Her books are always very touching, with strong themes and well developed characters, and they always seem to leave you in many levels of broken inside. Yes, that sounds terrible but we all know it’s also how you know that a book is amazing.

November 9 will be on sale as of Tuesday November 10th.

My first experience with a CoHo novel was Ugly Love, soon to be adapted on the big screen featuring Nick Bateman as the main character (yum!). I usually take my time with books, the shortest time for me to finish a book before CoHo was two to three days. With Ugly Love, I started reading it at seven o’clock at night on a weeknight, and I couldn’t stop reading until I was done, at eight in the morning the next day.  It was that good.  and from my experience I warn you, DO NOT TOUCH A COLLEEN HOOVER BOOK WHEN YOU’RE ON A TIGHT DEADLINE, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO YOUR WORK UNTIL YOU FINISH HER BOOKS!

Anyway, back to my CoHo experience.  I’ve only read Ugly Love, and I have Confess, I haven’t started it yet because of midterms, but I will as soon as college stops getting in the way and I have time for another CoHo sitting.  I don’t doubt that Confess will have the same effects as Ugly Love because what I’ve noticed that makes CoHo stand out from other authors of her genre is that every single person that I know who has read her books feels what my good friend Deyshareé calls “being Hoovered”.  I haven’t met a person who hasn’t felt this way after reading a novel of hers.

So, if you haven’t been properly Hoovered yet, or want to get even more so, I’m happy to tell you that today is a very special day in the universe that is Colleen Hoover’s brain, and I’m sure it’ll become an annual holiday for fans all over the globe.  November 9 is the day when the events of her newest book, also titled November 9 (to be released tomorrow), begin to take place. So, I invite you to get sucked into what undoubtedly will become another soulcrushing CoHo hit.

Happy Reading!

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