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Ice Like Fire Book Club Recap at The Bookmark

By Mónica González


12119112_502890723198820_2511616258685980531_nLast Wednesday, our friends at The Bookmark hosted a very special book club event, one which also coincided with the first anniversary of said book club.  This month’s guest was actually one of the first to be featured on their book clubs, Ice Like Fire author Sara Raasch.

The event began with the traditional discussion of the book, what everyone loved, what they didn’t, what they need more information on, you get the deal.

The first round of discussion was a vivid and spoiler-full recount of the most shocking deaths throughout the story.  While some were truly heartbreaking, others came as a surprise of a more pleasant and “fiery” nature.  For the biggest, most heartbreaking death, Raasch said that she “didn’t really mean to, it was just one of those that came as a surprise but was super necessary.”

Most attendants agreed that throughout this novel, Meira, the heroine and now Queen of Winter, has grown up from the child she once was.  But in doing so, she’s lost control of everything; “she lost control of her powers, she lost control of her men, etcetera,” said Jonathan Cotto, one of The Bookmark’s frequent visitors.  Cotto also mentioned that he was excited for Wednesday’s event, given that Sara Raasch, and her debut Snow Like Ashes, had been featured on the first Epic Reads book club event he attended.

While at the beginning, a lot of people considered that the mindset of the characters throughout the book had changed so much that it changed their essence, later on in the event, Raasch explains that this was sort of her “book where everybody is picking up the pieces,” so basically, every important character is dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and handling it in a different way.  She even described Meira’s PTSD as similar to Robert Downey Jr.’s panic attack scenes during Iron Man 3.

At some point the discussion went from PTSD to “Party in Primoria,” once we got to the Summer Kingdom. In case you haven’t read the book, let me tell you, that place is W-I-L-D! Someone throughout the discussion referred to it as the “Las Vegas” of Primoria, and not for no reason.  The Summer capital, Juli (yes, with an “i”, it’s not a typo), is always in a state of bliss, partying day and night and it’s known for their wine and their brothels.  That same attendant who refered to Juli as Vegas mentioned that she had to do a double take when she realized there were naked ladies running around the street and that King Simon greeted Meira and her companions completely naked (minus his conduit cuff) after waking up from what appeared to be an orgy.
Now, one of the most loved characters that were introduced in this book was Ceridwen Preben, the Princess of the Summer Kingdom, sister of Summer King Simon.  She is one badass and rebellious royal who spends her time hijacking her brother’s slave shipments so she can set them free. Rasch said that there’s even a Wattpad companion story featuring her life and the events between Snow Like Ashes and Ice Like Fire, which you can find here.

If there had to be a visual description of how the love triangle between Mather, Meira and Theron was described by our guests, it would probably go something like this:
Meira's love triangle

But then again, it was also pointed out that because of everything that had been happening in the story, there wasn’t really a need for a strong love triangle, at least not until the situation was more resolved.  Regarding Prince Theron’s change of attitude in the novel, Raasch explained that even though a lot of people are angry about the Cordell prince acting the way he is, like Meira, he’s also trying to pick up the pieces after all that’s happened.  He feels like it’s not fair to the people of Winter that he’s so upset because while they’ve been dealing with the situation for sixteen years, he just got into it and he doesn’t deserve to be struggling.

TenThousandSkies_frntCvrSo, what did you think about the book? Did you have a chance to participate? If you want to know some more about what’s coming soon from Sara Raasch and her Snow Like Ashes series, stay tuned and don’t forget to visit our friends at The Bookmark. Next up in book club, Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray (on sale November 3, 2015), which was announced via one very special video straight from Epic Reads HQ featuring Margo, who’s one of the Tea Time Booktubers.

Happy Reading!


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