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Give In To the Dark Side With The Wicked Will Rise

By Mónica González


91I7tRPe+cLOz is at war.  The Emerald City is in flames, the order is scattered all across the country, and the evil Princess Dorothy is nowhere to be found, while the just Queen Ozma has become something completely unexpected; one half of a whole. There is chaos all around and it’s up to one person to fix it.

In Danielle Paige’s sequel to the New Yor Times Best Seller Dorothy Must Die, Amy Gumm finds herself face to face with the results of her failed mission.  Dorothy is still alive somewhere and she’s lost all contact with the order members.  She and Ozma have been saved by The Wizard, and the wingless monkeys (with the help of some paper wings and a bit of magic) are taking them to safety.

After a series of events that happen throughout their passing through the Queendom of the wingless ones, which I’ll refrain myself from mentioning to avoid major spoilers, I’d say that the most important theme of the novel is Amy’s fight, not just within Oz or against Dorothy’s rule, but with herself and her potential for darkness and middle_1859bf680eadd8d56e1a96aac11781737a_wickedwillrise_socialgraphic2evil.  All of her life, she’s been a decent person.  Yes, she has a smart mouth that wouldn’t even stay shut if her life depended on it, but she’s never really harmed anyone.  She always let herself be pushed around and told off by everyone, and that past of being pushed around is exactly what will feed her darkness and make her someone different than who she thought she was, that will be the moment when the Wicked will Rise.

In general, I have to say that I found this book a million times more surprising than its prequel, which is saying something because Dorothy Must Die had surprises at every turn.  There were some characters whose involvement I missed when compared to the first book, but their absence made way for a deeper character development primarily for Pete and Ozma, but also for other minor characters.

My emotions were put to a test. For some characters, my affection towards them grew even more; for others, I started hating them, and then there were some characters that, thanks to that ditzy brain of mine, I had completely forgotten how much I hated them (but it’s okay because I’m pretty sure Paige hates them and their sneaky evil ways as much as I do).

I can’t say much more, because the book was a everything that I hoped it would be, maybe even more.  As of this moment, I’ve read every available part of the story, including the prequel novellas, so all that’s left to says is this… Bring on the Yellow Brick War!

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