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There’s a New Girl in Oz in Danielle Paige’s Dorothy Must Die

By Mónica González


DorothyMustDie_CoverOnly1.inddWe all know the story, a tornado swept her away from Kansas and into a mysterious and magical land, we know she met some friends, slayed some witches and made some dreams come true.  We also know she never wanted anything other than to get home to her family, because there’s no place like home.  What if that’s not the end of the story..?

What if there’s more to it than what we’ve always known?  What if everything changed after the Lion got his courage, the Scarecrow got his brains and the Tin Woodman got his heart? What if Dorothy herself changed after the click-click-click of her heels? Well, ladies and gentlemen, that’s exactly what Danielle Paige’s debut novel, Dorothy Must Die, is all about!

Amy Gumm, also known as Salvation Amy by her insufferable classmates, has never felt like she belonged in Flat Hill, Kansas.  After her father abandoned them, she, along with her mess-of-a-mother and their pet rat Star, have lived in the Dusty Acres trailer park and her life have been anything but pleasant throughout the years.

Everything changed the night of the tornado… After her mother chooses a party over the safety of their home, abandoning her right before the storm; Amy gets whisked away into the land we’ve all heard about, only it’s not at all what we’ve always heard. Oz is now a desolated, dark and abandoned shadow of what it used to be.  The land is being drained of its magic, the yellow brick road is falling apart, and the only place that seems to be unaffected is the emerald palace, which is now being ruled by a ruthless Dorothy Gale. You heard it! Dorothy’s trading her silver slippers for some fierce six inches ruby stilettos and she’s wreaking havoc around the Emerald City.

But, wait a second, didn’t she go back home? You bet she did! Unfortunately, after seeing Oz, the good and perky farm girl we all know and love became power obsessed and somehow she came back.  Good is now wicked, wicked is now good, everything is upside down and there’s only one person that can stop it.  According to the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked, Amy is the key to freeing Oz of Dorothy’s tight grip.  The only way to achieve it? By killing Dorothy.

1383694404000--MG-1410rt-1B-2This twist on a classic was one that, at first, I had some trouble wrapping my head around, but only because you don’t expect anything related to the Wizard of Oz to begin with a fight between a pregnant girl and your main character.  But that’s just the thing! This isn’t Dorothy’s story, it’s Amy’s and the way Paige created this world as an alternative to a classic is simply genius!  There’s always something going on, sometimes it’s training, sometimes spying, and sometimes it’s fighting, you just never get bored with it.

This is only the first installment of Amy’s story.  Follow her in her quest to free Oz and join the revolution! You can get this, as well as it’s sequel, The Wicked Will Rise, and the first volume of the prequel novella compilations Dorothy Must Die: Stories Volume 1, which includes No Place Like Oz, The Witch Must Burn and The Wizard Returns, as well as many other titles, at The Bookmark.

Happy HalloWicked everyone!


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