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Top 5 Contemporary Picks

I’ve been reading a lot of contemporary literature recently. And yet, I realized I have never picked my top 5 books of this genre.  From the terminally ill, to those outcasts who just want to get out of their comfort zone and do something great, each one of these stories have two things in common with one another; they’re as real and relatable as it can get, and they all revolve around love. So now, without further ado, here are my top 5 contemporary reads up to this date:


No. 5: Extraordinary Means


Lane and Sadie are quarantined in a Tuberculosis sanatorium on the brink of a cure.  Sadie can barely remember her life outside Latham House, not that there’s much she’d like to remember anyway; while Lane can’t wait for the moment to get out and get his life back on track.  The two will soon learn there’s more to life than what it seems, and between loss and love, and friends that come and go, they’ll have to understand that life goes on until it doesn’t.


No. 4: I’ll Meet You There

Skylar can’t wait to get out of her small town life for art school, but her mother’s financial state and drunken new man are in the way of it.  Josh just came back from the Marines, missing a leg and wanting his military life back, and all he seems to find is pity and awkwardness from everyone back home; everyone except for Skylar.  Their part-time jobs at The Paradise Motel will bring them together, but what if something else can break them apart?


No. 3: My Heart and Other Black Holes


Sixteen-year-old Aysel Seran is severely depressed, and she’s obsessed with planning her own death.  Fearing not being able to follow through with it, she goes on a website to find a suitable suicide partner to support her in the process. When Roman A.K.A. FrozenRobot, comes into what’s left of both their lives, will the spark that’s lit between them be enough to prevent their potential death? This book isn’t higher in my list because it’s classified Young Adult but I feel it should be targeted towards a more mature audience.


No. 2: Looking for Alaska

This wouldn’t be a contemporary literature list without a John Green Title in it. Miles “Pudge” Halter is going to boarding school in Alabama.  Before meeting the beautiful and fascinating Alaska Young, his life was all about famous last words and seeking the “great perhaps.”  After she makes her appearance, nothing will ever be the same. This story is the one John Green title I love the most because it shows how fragile life can truly be, even when there aren’t any terminal illnesses to worry about.


No. 1: Attachments


It’s 1999, the internet is basically new and the new millennium is almost here.  Lincoln was hired to monitor the company emails of a newspaper and report employees that send dirty jokes to one another.  When he comes across Beth & Jennifer’s emails, he can’t help but to not report them, while he starts falling for Beth.  She, with her rock star boyfriend and her movie critiques, knows someone is reading her emails but doesn’t care. Will Lincoln be able to introduce himself and tell her how he feels before it’s too late?


Happy reading!


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