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Join the revolution in The Witch Must Burn!

By Mónica González


91P+AGtkzlLJellia Jamb, Dorothy’s go-to maid for absolutely everything, is more than meets the eye and you’re about to find out the extent of it in Danielle Paige’s second Dorothy Must Die Novella, The Witch Must Burn.


Jellia has been a maid in the Emerald Palace for as long as she can remember.  Orphaned and brought to the palace as a child, growing up with Ozma and training herself as a Lady’s Maid is what she’s always done, what she loves and what she’s great at, or so she thought. As it turns out, Jellia is part-fairy and possesses strong magic, stronger than most people in Oz, aside from Ozma herself, and now Dorothy who seems to be back for good.


“I’d always kept the extent of my magic a secret from everyone else in the palace. Adding a little extra shine to the silverware was no stretch for most Ozians, but ever since that day, I knew that my own powers were different—and stronger—from everyone else in the palace. Except Dorothy. And Ozma.”

– Jellia, Danielle Paige’s The Witch Must Burn


With Dorothy taking over the Emerald City, Ozma only a shell of what she used to be, and Glinda taking a secret interest in draining the magic out of Oz for herself, Jellia knows that it’s just about time that someone does something about it. The problem is that, being a servant her entire life, she doesn’t really know where to start, all she knows is that the closer she gets to Dorothy, the higher her intel will be, and maybe, just maybe, she’ll find a way to rid Oz of the nightmare that has become Dorothy Gale.

Lucky for her, theres a secret group that has been keeping tabs on her who just might be the key to fixing things.  On an enforced summer “internship” in Glinda’s palace, Jellia meets Nox, an undercover member of the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked.  With his help, along with the resources of the rest of the Order, Jellia will embark on a mission to make Oz whole, no matter the risk.

“ I believe in the possibility of a better Oz, Jellia. I have to. I won’t let Glinda and Dorothy keep destroying our country. And if I can avenge my parents’ deaths—well, so much the better.”

– Nox, Danielle Paige’s The Witch Must Burn


y450-293Remember that you can read Jellia’s story, as part of the novella compilation of Dorothy Must Die: Stories Volume 1, which you can get, along with many other titles, at The Bookmark. Join Jellia, Nox, Amy, and the rest of the Order and Join the revolution.  With your help, “the witch will burn!”


Happy Reading and Happy HalloWicked!


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