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Six Spooktacular Reads for October

By Mónica González


Salutations book junkies! As you already know, October is finally upon us! And, let’s face it, nothing screams October better than a good horror story. So, in hopes of bringing you some ear-splitting, nerve-wrecking inspiration, here are six books that are guaranteed to put you in a HalloWicked mood:

6. Something Strange and Deadly Series by Susan Dennard

SomethingStranger_BannerI know what you’re thinking, that I’ve mentioned this series about a million times on this blog. Well, there’s a reason for it! And it’s the perfect story for the occasion! Voodoo practitioners, necromancers, zombies and an evil spirit crossing realms to seek revenge all in 18th century Philadelphia? Now, that’s what Halloween is about! Available now from HarperTeen.


5. The Diviners series by Libba Bray

maxresdefaultIt’s 1926 and Evie O’Neill has been exiled from home because of a strange power she possesses. She now lives in New York with her uncle will who is very interested on the occult but is unaware of her abilities. When her uncle is called to investigate a murder, Evie jumps in because her powers just might be the key to solving the mystery and catching the killer.  Available now by Little Brown Books for Young Readers.


4. A Madness so Discreet by Mindy McGinnis


Grace Mae has been locked in an asylum where her thoughts, and her voice, are locked inside the deepest corners of her mind. After she gets banished to the darkest cellars of the asylum, a criminal psychologist takes her in as an assistant to hunt down a serial killer. On sale tomorrow by Katherine Tegen Books.


3. Liars, Inc by Paula Stokes

liars-inc-450x645This young adult psychological thriller follows the story of Max Cantrell, create an alibi company for extra cash and the thrill of danger. Unfortunately, as you may probably guess, nothing good can ever come from a lie, so when Preston goes missing and all clues lead to Max, the race is on to find out who the real killer is, before an innocent has to pay.


2. Horns by Joe Hill


Not really YA but a thrilling addition to the October reads.  Ig had everything, but then lost everything, when his beloved Merrin was raped and murdered under inexplicable circumstances.  Being born in a wealthy family and being the only suspect, everyone just assumes that things were settled out of court and that he’s just a murderer who should be behind bars. Everything changes when he starts to grow horns and develops a macabre ability a year later, that when he decides to use this to his advantage and find the real murderer.


1. Dorothy Must Die series by Danielle Paige

“Somewhere in the back of my mind, I had the vaguest notion that I was the one being wicked. But I found that I didn’t care. In fact, I almost enjoyed it.”

You can’t spell HalloWicked without a group of sassy, rebelliously wicked witches with a cause, which is why Danielle Paige’s series is a must for the occasion! Follow Amy Gumm, as she goes from an ordinary Kansas trailer park teen, to a deadly witch within the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked on a quest to kill Dorothy and make Oz whole again. Part of the story is already available, with Yellow Brick War coming out next year and The Straw King, novella No. 5 coming out November 10th from Harper.

Any other books you’d like to add to the list? Enjoying some of these spooky reads soon? Let us know in the comments section below. And remember, you can get these, and many more titles at The Bookmark!

Happy Reading!


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