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Go Back To The Beginning in No Place Like Oz

By Mónica González


9780062280763Have you ever wondered what happens after a story’s happily ever after? Is it really everything you ever thought it would be, or is it something else? Well, thanks to Danielle Paige’s Dorothy Must Die series, we can find out what happens after Dorothy clicks her heels together and gets back to Kansas.  Now, her first book in the series follows Amy Gumm and her crash landing into a dark and broken Oz, but how did it get that way in the first place? That’s what her short story novellas are here for, starting with Dorothy Gale’s perspective in No Place Like Oz.

A few years after the tornado hit Kansas and Dorothy left and came back, it seems that home was not as great as she remembered, which made her miserable.  She realized that, in Kansas, It’s all about the manual labor you put in, and there’s no time or space to even dream of bigger or better things.

Settling to have nothing but a pig and a chicken for friends (as lovely as Miss Millie might be), Dorothy wants nothing more than to get back to Oz, specially while knowing that no one home believes her story to be real.  After finding a pair of magical ruby red stilettos under her bed on her sixteenth birthday, she does what she knows best, click her heels together three times, bringing this time her aunt and uncle along for the ride.

“As if all that wasn’t enough to tell me I was back in Munchkin Country, the only real proof I needed was staring right at me. Not ten paces from the stream, a little old farmhouse was situated crookedly in a patch of dirt.
Just where I had left it.” – No Place Like Oz

middle_86b1207995c56459583808132eac70aabc_noplacelikeozgraphic3Aunt Em and Uncle Henry’s reactions when arriving at Oz are very believable and realistic for people who don’t believe in the supernatural.  They were reluctant to accept their surroundings as real, they assumed everything was done through trickery and, like Dorothy at first, all they wanted was to get back home to Kansas.

Dorothy, on the other hand, had different plans of her own. On a quest to find and save Glinda from the claws of an allegedly evil Princess Ozma,

“As I looked back out at the bustling city, the cheerful scene suddenly seemed sinister: the smiles of the people turned to leers and the candy-bright colors took on a garish, desperate tint.
Glinda was gone, I reminded myself, off somewhere no one seemed to know about.
Something wasn’t right here.” – No Place Like Oz

Throughout the novella, you will experience with Dorothy the process of morphing from the sweet, innocent farm girl that we all know and love, to the ruthless, power-obsessed dictator that took over Oz, because for everything that’s wonderful, there’s something wicked, too.

“That’s the price you pay for magic. It’s worth it, I thought. Even here, standing at the mouth of a place that radiated the purest evil I’d ever felt, I knew it would always be worth it.” – Dorothy Gale.

Want to know more about the story? Make sure to read Danielle Paige’s No Place Like Oz in her paperback compilation Dorothy Must Die: Stories Volume 1, which you can find at The Bookmark. Stay tuned for more and Happy HalloWicked everyone!


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