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Top 5 Must Have Tools For The Book Obsessed

If by any degree you happen to be like me, then you don’t just read, you LIVE for books.  Every single time I leave The Bookmark, all I do is think about the next time I’ll be back there.  What I’ll drink, what books I’ll be taking home, if I want a paperback or a hardcover version, will the movie tie-in version better looking than the original? You name it.  Books aren’t just inanimate objects for our entertainment, they’re a lifestyle that requires a certain level of maintenance.  It’s not just buying books, it’s how you take care of them after you get them as well. There are several items that come in handy when you’re as book obsessed as I know you probably are, since you landed here. My ultimate “must have” tools are these:

No. 5: Tote bag


Every time you visit a bookstore, or go to school, or work, you can’t help but to bring a book with you. But, wait!  You have at least three books you have to read and you simply can’t choose one over the other.  That’s when your trusty tote bag comes in handy.  It’s sturdy, it’s lightweight, and it fits tons of books.


No. 4: Transparent Plastic bag

Photo by Junkies Literarios

So you’re out in the world, it’s a beautiful day and… Oh no! There’s a gigantic rain cloud coming your way, your book will be ruined!  Luckily, you brought with you a clear plastic bag in case something like this happened.  My favorite in this case is the ones that cover sheet sets at places like IKEA or Bed Bath & Beyond because it fits your books perfectly over ninety percent of the time.  It’s a common household item that just might save the life of your paperback.


No. 3: A Notebook or Journal


This can be of huge help, specially if you have a website of your own and you do reviews, My favorite is The Book Lover’s Journal, which you can purchase at The Bookmark, but in a general sense, any notebook will do.


No. 2: Flashlight or Book Light


Although a lot of us might read throughout the day, no one can truly resist the delight of reading late at night when there’s not a soul in sight to interrupt our book date.  That’s the perfect moment to whip out your handy-dandy… Clip-on book light! (Yes, I just used a 90’s Blue’s Clues reference, and yes, you need one of these in your life.)


No. 1: Page markers, post it notes and Bookmarks


These are the best for keeping track of your reading and marking your favorite scenes.  No respectable book lover would be caught without at least one pack of page markers or a minimum of one bookmark.


What do you think? Do you agree with my list? Are there any other items you would like to add? Let me know in the comments section below.  Happy reading!


1 thought on “Top 5 Must Have Tools For The Book Obsessed”

  1. Although I wouldn’t necessarily agree with these personally, I do find it really interesting how they reflect perspective and personal preference. I’ve never even thought to use the see-through baggie because of where I live, for example. Thanks so much for sharing!


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