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When Claudia Gray Made Me Experience A Thousand Dimensions of Anxiety

by Mónica González


17234658If there’s one thing that you can say to me in order to convince me to read a certain book, it’s that [insert book title here] has a scientific element to the story.  With that, I’m sold, and it’s exactly what happened to me when I read the description of Claudia Gray’s A Thousand Pieces of You.

The novel follows Marguerite Caine, the artsy daughter of a couple of theoretical physicists, who’s decided to travel across dimensions with her friend Theo, in order to seek vengeance on her father’s murderer.  Travel across dimensions, you say? Yes, all of this is possible, thanks to her parents’ newest invention, a device called The Firebird, which enables the user to materialize in different dimensions as alternate versions of themselves. Soon enough, Marguerite will realize she can’t trust anyone and that she is playing a bigger part in this than she ever dreamed of.

Before my nerdy self takes control, let me make sure that my bookish self gets a chance to explain itself. My emotions regarding this novel are really hard to describe.  There were so many times that I thought of Paul and/or Theo as loyal, then traitors, then loyal and traitors again, I thought I was losing my mind. Marguerite’s grief was her anchor. It was what kept her steady and set, and it didn’t stop her from seeing things clearer. In every dimension that she goes to, Marguerite manages to learn more, not only about her friends and her father’s murder, but about herself as well. A-Thousand-Pieces-of-You-Claudia-Gray-Quote

This was the kind of book that kept me analyzing and reanalyzing every step of the way.  All of the physics references, like Schrödinger’s cat for example, made me flashback to when I went to an AP Boarding school where I had to take up to thirteen classes at once per semester and all my classmates would also take college courses for credit.  While that might sound like torture, my friends at CROEM will agree with me when I say it was the time of our lives.

91-bJJug5XLI loved that it was such a complex and enthralling story, one of those that could change at any moment’s notice. This was a book that I enjoyed from start to finish and will be on my top ten list probably forever. All I can say now is that the sequel can’t come fast enough. November 3rd, I’m waiting for you.

Happy Reading!


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