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22 Moments Book Lovers Know All Too Well

Because the struggle is real…

By @TheLiteraryMomo

1. When you find yourself at a crossroads.


2. But then you realize, It’s a brand new book, and you’re reading it for the first time.


3. So instead, you take on the guilty pleasure of book sniffing.


4. And suddenly you remember… you haven’t taken off the price label!


5. And now you’re good to go, but you can’t find a comfortable enough position for reading.


6. When you finally find one, it’s in bed and this happens.


7. So you get really into the story and notice the new protagonist/love interest is a total dreamboat.


8. And then you feel so in sync with the author that you catch on the plot twists before they happen.


9. And all you want to do is finish the book that you start neglecting other responsibilities.


10. And everyone just keeps interrupting you…


11. And then you notice that you weren’t as in sync with the author as you thought and your potential OCD starts acting up.


12. But, against all odds, you managed to finish your book, and you can’t handle the hangover.


13. And since the book is so new, it doesn’t actually have a fandom yet.


14.  So then you try to get your friends to read it so you’re not alone with your pain.


15. And then, nobody seems to understand your crisis.


16. And since you can’t get over this book, you can’t figure out how to move on to another one so they just keep piling up, at the same rate as your chances of having a social life.


17.  Your struggle gets so bad, you start losing track of what’s real and what’s in your head.


18. And then, you find a kind soul who actually wants to read the book! You let it borrow it hoping they aren’t like the last person you let borrow one of your books.


19. But turns out you trusted the right person! Good for you!


20. So after they’re done and you’ve finally found the closure you needed, you finish another book.


21.  And just when you thought you were done with that story, guess what; a movie is announced!


22.  Even when the movie might be good, you know that the book is ALWAYS better. So you move on, and your friend, who now trusts your judgement completely, needs a new read.


Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “22 Moments Book Lovers Know All Too Well”

  1. I love reading your work! Pics are great too. The reunion was great, other than Angie McAlpin and Tracye Scott, I was the hottest chick there , LMHpoA!Oe you get to see the family before all of the above start ailing you.Anne


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