Dear Katherine Ewell… Pretty Please Write Me Another Book!

By Mónica González

(@TheLiteraryMomo on Twitter)

Dear-Killer         “Nothing is right, nothing is wrong…” Kit Bauer lives by this rule. She’s a seventeen year old with a secret; she’s London’s infamous Perfect Killer. Trained by her mother who was a serial killer before her, she has over eight years of experience in her pocket. Every couple of months she’d go to her secret mailbox to pick up dozens of letters; assassination requests, payment deposits, you name it. Up until this moment, she made sure to never leave a trail, never get attached, and never judge the circumstances of her requests. Assassinating was her job, not her vice.

Everything changes with one letter. A letter that will morph and reshape her convictions and make her question every decision she’s ever taken. From this point on, while playing the risky game she and her mother are playing, she’ll have to decide if staying true to her rules is the right thing, murdering her best friend in the process, or if all she’s ever known is wrong and face every drop of blood in her hands.

Katherine Ewell
Katherine Ewell

This psychological thriller, with a relatable character and its beautiful, yet potentially creepy, city, kept me on the edge the entire time. I would’ve given this book a four star Goodreads rating, if not for the grammatical mistakes I kept finding, for which I don’t even truly blame the author, given that Katherine Ewell was actually seventeen years old at the time of publication, but at the editor in charge.

In a general sense, I have to say that Ewell is a very promising author, who clearly loves what she does and has a very supportive and grounded family, given that they allowed her seventeen year old to write about a teenage murderer.  I really hope that nowadays, she’s focused on getting a college degree, possibly and preferably within a creative writing program.

I know this might be a bit too early to make predictions, but I think that, with the right preparation and a good team behind her, we might actually be looking at the Stephen King of her generation. I don’t believe in one-hit-wonders. I strongly believe that if someone is capable of making it big with their first shot, as long as they keep themselves motivated and working hard, their second piece of work can be just as good, or even better.

Needless to say, I will be patiently awaiting for another Ewell book, not just for comparison, but to find once more that feeling of my heart wanting to leave my chest from the thrill of anticipation.


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