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Chronicles of a Blind Date With a Book Part One – The Meeting

Thursday, August 6th, 2015. 2:42 p.m. – The Bookmark, San Patricio Plaza.

From the moment I saw him, I knew I was taking him home tonight…

When I decided to go to my local hangout for an event unlike any other I’ve witnessed –much less participated in– I felt excitement and fear, intrigued and hesitant at the same time. Something told me I had to go, I had to be there, because if I didn’t, the thoughts of what could’ve been would surely consume me.

IMG_1660I went in thinking I would be looking for the one, but I never thought I’d find it so quickly, or that he would find me on his own. I walked around, catching on hints and glimpses of options, a single clue as to who they were and what they could mean to me, until I stumbled upon him. Mysterious and enigmatic, full of promises of a future life and adventure. If I said I wasn’t swooning on the spot, I’d be lying. He seemed to have all of the traits I look for, even without seeing what was inside. I know very well that if I didn’t snatch him up, if I let him go now, curiosity might just kill me and someone else could take him away from me.

I couldn’t let that happen…

IMG_1662I reached out to him, I held him with my own two hands, and I knew, just then, that there was no going back from this, and it was exactly what I wanted of him. So I took him home with me.

As I drove, I kept stealing glances of him, keeping still in the passenger seat, as quiet and mysterious as ever. He was such a tease, waiting for the moment I unwrapped him and found everything he truly was.

For a moment I felt tempted to get it over with and unwrap it just then and there, but I wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction of knowing he won. The moment of finding out his true self would come, and I needed to make sure it would be memorable. So, instead of just heading home right away, I decided to take him out to dinner first.

It was nothing fancy, really.  Nothing that couldn’t be whipped up at home.  But hey, if the thought of someone cooking for us while we had a bit of alone time to get to know each other isn’t romantic enough, then I don’t know what is!

So, while we waited for dinner to come, I decided to get to know him a bit more. So yes… I gave in.


The unwrapping was very shy and careful. I was scared I would do it wrong and mess things up. I have this thing about getting to know someone, it has to be slow.  I can’t just trust you when I don’t even know who you are, so removing a layer isn’t something I’d take lightly.

When I finally got to see his true face, I have to admit, it didn’t seem like one I’d choose for myself. His name, The Memory of After, seemed promising enough but I had to know more besides his slick look and his catchy name. When I turned him around, I was sold. His synopsis, with promises of rebellion and afterlife and hopes of freedom, made me feel like there wasn’t anything I wanted more than to know everything from within. So, needless to say, I’m definitely falling asleep with this book in my arms tonight.

Every book lover has its quirks, some like hardcovers over paperbacks, some prefer the original cover art from the movie tie-in edition, some like original designs over a live action cover. No matter the preference, we are all guilty of the biggest cliché of human history, we totally judge books by their covers, and we couldn’t be more wrong about it.


Part Two (The Blind Date) Coming Soon…

The Memory of After by Lenore Appelhans

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