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Get Lost. Get Found. Paper Towns Movie Review!

By Mónica Giulianna

(@TheLiteraryMomo in Twitter)

Nat Wolff as Quentin
Nat Wolff as Quentin

Nat Wolff makes one mean Q in Twentieth Century Fox’s newest cinematic release, Paper Towns. The story follows Quentin “Q” Jacobsen (Wolff) on his search for the mysterious and enigmatic Margo Roth-Spiegelman (Cara Delevingne) when she disappears after a wild night of revenge and shenanigans. With a well suited cast and amazing visuals, and one very resourceful marketing team, the summer movie every book lover has been waiting for is finally here; and in the words of Quentin himself, “It’s pretty something.”

The story begins with a flashback to the moment that started it all. Quentin and Margo have been neighbors since they were kids. During a play date, they find a dead body in the park, you can see how it affects them both and how differently they cope.  Eventually, those differences make them go their separate ways.

“Ex-boyfriend…” – Margo (Delevingne)

Throughout the entire movie, at least all parts featuring a present day Margo (Delevingne), it was very easy to notice the pain over everything she was feeling on the inside. I had been dying to see if Delevingne could actually play the part.  Given that, at least while dressed like a normal person and not like an international supermodel, she definitely looked the part– and I can say she did not disappoint.

There was never a shortage of laughs thanks to Quentin’s “bros” Ben (Austin Abrams) and Radar (Justice Smith). Thanks to these two, aside from John Green’s writing of course, there was plenty of comedy within what could’ve been a very morbid and creepy story. Between the hilarious pop culture references and Radar’s black santa resentment, I was almost able to ignore my personal resentment regarding the lack of visual “Omnictionary” (which could be a version of Wikipedia in the John Green Universe) obsession in Smith’s character.

Ben (Abrams), Radar (Smith) and Q (Wolff) passing Margo (Delevingne).
Ben (Abrams), Radar (Smith) and Q (Wolff) passing Margo (Delevingne).

Speaking of changes, I do have to mention that those are in just as much shortage as the laughs I mentioned before, so you get the idea. Alas, don’t fret nerdfighters! Although there are many changes throughout the entire movie, the truth is that most of those actually contributed to the creation of one sweet and unique film and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

This is a story about losing yourself and finding who you truly are. The behavior displayed amongst all characters is the same: they all morphed into a version of their true selves, something they were all afraid of at first, but embraced later on. The most memorable quote of the entire movie also haves you reflect on that exact feeling: “I’m not afraid of you, I’m afraid of losing you,” said by a certain someone I shall not mention in order to prevent spoilers.

paper-towns-2         Oh, and speaking of spoilers, there is a very special “gasp worthy” moment. Let’s just say, if you’re a John Green fan, you will love it and you will choke on your popcorn once you realize I clued you in. Enjoy!

Are you going to watch the movie? Did you already watch it? What did you think? Let me know in the comments section below.


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