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The Cage: Out of This World

(Published on July 1st, 2015 at The Muses PR)

By: Mónica González (Muse Momo)

Editor: Lucía B. Santos (Muse Lulu)

1420133888813The Cage is a fascinating story about a group of teenage humans that are taken from Earth and into captivity in an artificial habitat outer space. They are requested to follow three rules: eat the food they’re given, play the puzzles in the habitats, and procreate amongst themselves.

Cora Mason is a simple girl with a complicated past. Coming for a very public family, the daughter of an American Senator and an aspiring actress, she was convicted for involuntary manslaughter and had to face eighteen months in a juvenile correction facility.

Now that she’s out, she has to face a brand new set of bars on which she can never get out of… alone.  Seeking the help of Lucky, a Colombian boy with a secret past that’s linked to Cora’s, along with Nok (a Thai supermodel), Rolf (a Norwegian academic prodigy), and Leon (a gigantic New Zealandic “kiwi” mass of human strength), had to join forces and attempt to escape.  It is clear that the cohabitation within their isolation was harder than it seemed, and learning to trust each other was their biggest challenge.

When I first read the synopsis, I thought about human captivity as a source of income and entertainment for the Kindred.  As I got further into the story, I realized it wasn’t about entertainment, but rather about a feeling of dominance over species, research, and intellectual growth.

MSH18WEBsizedMegan Shepherd’s work is captivating and gives the readers an insight as to how humans currently treat animals: as pets, as lesser species, as entertainment.  The main difference between the Kindred/Human relations versus the Human/Animal relations is that humans are destroying their natural habitat, while the Kindred provide an alternative; as an opposite to humans destroying other animals’ habitats, and later on providing an artificial one.

It’s interesting to know that the humans in captivity that had experienced freedom prior to the abduction, such as Nok, Rolf, Leon, Lucky and Cora, showed signs of depression, anxiety, aggressive tendencies, and restlessness, in the same way that most species under captivity might develop and show in a zoo.

I would most likely rate this book five out of five stars in a Goodreads rating and will be anxiously awaiting the sequel.


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