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10 Rules To Follow When You Borrow A Book

By Lucía B. Santos (Muse Lulu) & Mónica González (Muse Momo)

Editor: Mónica González

Don’t you hate it when you let someone borrow a book and when they give it back it looks like it went through the underworld and back, or worse, stayed in the underworld because you never got it back? Same thing happens when you borrow someone else’s book. Here’s a basic set of rules you should always follow when borrowing a book:

1. Any sort of food or liquid should not be consumed while reading large Do you have any idea how terrible it is to find weird food and drink stains in a book? Please, no food or beverages within a 20 miles radius from the book

2. No “dog-earing” the book images I understand if you don’t have a bookmark, but if you want to mark a page use post-it notes, bobby pins, pencils, anything you can get your hands on but do not dog-ear the page. EVER. Also, if the book has dog-ears, please don’t try to fix them. There are a lot of people (for example, Muse Pao) who love to mark their favorite scenes or references.

3. If it’s a hard cover, leave jacket in safe place while reading book-geek-problems-borrowing-books Please do whatever it takes to keep the book clean. Also, don’t highlight or mark anything with a pen or pencil.

4. Don’t you dare give it to another person tumblr_inline_nm5m1eMkKW1rkg7ly Your friendship and book-lending privileges will be over if you do that.

5. No nail polishes because it can ruin a page nails If you’re into any sort of bright or dark nail polish, I suggest you take it off. You never know if the polish will leave really annoying marks on the pages.

6. Don’t keep it for a long time051654db5c8c78892792e97cbab804cbf867e3-wm  Keep the book for a maximum of two weeks, that way the book owner will be happy and will keep lending you books.

7. No one under the age of 10 is allowed near the booktumblr_mlvbh3fD9f1s8rz3mo1_400  As much as we love kids, they can either paint a page, rip a page, or find a way to break the book. Please, no children under 10 should be near something that’s valuable for someone else.

8. Talk to the owner about the book, reassure them that you’re taking care of the book. AwesomeRennerGif There’s nothing better than receiving a call from your friend who is constantly reassuring you that he or she is taking care of the book.

9. Don’t write on it i-want-to-punch-you-in-the-face Please, don’t do it, even if it’s with a pencil. Use post-its or write on pieces of paper or napkins and gently tuck it in the page.

10. If the owner gave you a paperback. Do not, under any circumstance, crack the spine of the book. 4881964714_7939bd1838_b I think that every book lover would say something in the lines of “how dare you? You monster” if you even think about it.

BONUS: If you want to, use post-it notes and write your thoughts of the scenes. When the owner of the book re-reads it, they’ll notice the notes and you’ll make their day brighter. You can also stick a Thank You note or card at the beginning or end of the book. 1309454455_cat_with_postit_on_its_face


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