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Reasons Why Charlie McDowell Should Direct a DGAM Film Adaptation

(Originally written for The Muses PR)

By: Mónica González (Muse Momo)

Editor: Lucía Santos (Muse Lulu)

To those who I’ve yet to convert and persuade into reading this book (Dear Girls Above Me, or DGAM for short), I hope this list that will most likely sound like nonsense to you might make you curious to the point of no sleep till’ you get your hands on a copy, to those converted souls who have read and laughed with everything that happened in the story, I hope you agree with me and make our voices heard so we get our movie. Happy McDowell Monday #3 everyone!

  1. The Peachy V.45B01GORG_thumb
  1. Pat’s Fabulousness.tumblr_m1ha0iTdtJ1qhm57mo1_500
  1. Hunky Mr. Ferdinand the Nameless and his acrobatic skills.tumblr_nhsmy2r4kR1r85hlio1_r1_500
  1. The Green Bean Casserole Experiment.5179772146_059ae0b066_b
  1. Marvin’s potty training commands.93f91ecc9de92943b728c2e61b4b0fdd11b4b7fdc79cc0fdaf3df4ab486be8cd
  1. Bridget, Luke, and the fake sex battle.tumblr_m5j6xl9IY81qjsik9o1_500_large
  1. The hot water battle.tumblr_inline_n5sk21Ioel1r4uphv
  1. The Colorful and original Gay Pride Parade floats.13744550-Float-with-dancers-during-the-Long-Beach-Lesbian-and-Gay-Pride-Parade-2012-Stock-Photo
  1. The “off the rack” story and flashback.Manny_pizza
  1. The Pre-date CVS shopping spree.


Bonus: Given that it’s a film “adaptation” and it doesn’t have to be exactly like the book, we could probably get to see some non published tweets and events reenacted.eiv5Zsa

Do you agree with my list? Think there’s some more reasons I left out? Would you love to see this story in the big screen? Should Charlie play Charlie? Let me know in the comment section below!


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