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Something Sweet and Delicious; Tasty Treats For Your Inner Spirit Hunter.

(Originally written for The Muses PR)

By Mónica González (Muse Momo)

I’ve always felt like nothing beats having a good book, except for accompanying it with the best possible treat.  Since the first time I read these series, I’ve always related to Eleanor’s fondness over buttered toast, but the truth is that there’s more to life than just bread and butter.  And so I thought, what if we were to make matches out of characters and desserts? Locations and entrees? And what of effects and flavors?  Which is how this digital recipe book based on the Something Strange and Deadly series came to be! From Philadelphia to France and all the way to Egypt; from simple treats, to dinners and even some “spicier” delights for more mature readers, I present to you, on Susan Saturday #3, our Something Sweet and Delicious recipe collection!  Happy Susan Saturdays Everyone!

1. Buttermilk Biscuits
Straight from epic reads comes the official recipe for those yummy buttermilk biscuits Eleanor loves!  You can find the recipe here.

2. New Orleans Gumbo
Both Joseph Boyer, fearless leader of the spirit-hunters, and Marcus Duval, evil necromancer with plans of his own, grew up and trained together in the mystical city of New Orleans. I’m assuming that the interest to study spiritual energy and necromancy must’ve sparked up after a nice hot plate of spicy Gumbo. You can get your recipe right here.

3.  Beignets with Raspberry Sauce
Nontheless, Joseph Boyer certainly loves to start his day by having a sweet Beignet for breakfast.  Here’s a twist on a New Orleans classic, Beignets in raspberry sauce! Learn how to make this tasty pastry right here.

4. Coppery Ginger Cookies for a Mid-inventing Snack
Daniel Sheridan is always hard at work making new gadgets for the spirit-hunters.  All of that hard work deserves a break every now and then, why not with these delicious and soft ginger cookies? Get the recipe right here.

5. And straight from Kat Brauer’s Blog Ginger TofuFah and Candied Ginger.
In the process of researching for this list, I found out that YA author and Susan Dennard’s critique partner Kat Brauer had actually done a similar post series in honor of the Something Strange and Deadly release back in 2012.  She came up with amazing matches for desserts and characters, and her delicious treats to honor spirit-hunter-lady-muscle Jie Chen could not be missing on this list! Learn how to make these right here.

6. Laurel Hill Grave Dirt Cake
Remember that time when Eleanor first walked into the spirit hunters lab and “contaminated” the grave dirt from Daniel’s experiment? I bet he would’ve been ten time angrier if he had contaminated this yummy and easy to make chocolatey dessert.  Learn the ropes here.

7. Electric blue Raspberry Lemonade Jello Slush
Battling all those corpses with electricity and magic is sure to leave you thirsty.  What a better way to quench your thirst than with this refreshing concoction? Learn how to make it here.

8. Pistachio Eclair Cake

Since the Virtue Sisters seemed so obsessed with pistachio colored muslins at the beginning of A Darkness Strange And Lovely, this sweet treat is for them. You can get the recipe here.

10. Sea Biscuits Sans The Oranges
Eleanor’s “land legs” sure need some adapting onboard the boat to France.  In the meantime, help her find a few oranges and make these sea biscuits to calm your stomachs. Get the recipe here.

9. Easy-peasy chocolate croissants
Eleanor and Laure love chocolate croissants, and even the Virtue Sisters, specially Mercy, would munch on these back in the day. Truth is, no one can resist them. Learn how to make them here.

11. Parisian Chicken
Because researching the Black Pullet can give you an appetite for poultry. Get the recipe right here.

12. Egyptian Hawashy
Eleanor and the gang are forced to travel, in style nonetheless, by airship to Egypt, in hopes of finding the old man in the pyramids and stop Marcus before he can summon the Black Pullet.  And let’s face it, no one can achieve so much on an empty stomach.  Get in the Egyptian mood by making some appetizing Hawashy. Learn to make it here.

13. Egyptian Barbousa

And no proper Egiptian meal can end without some nice homemade barbousa for dessert.  Get the recipe here.


14. Flaming Zombie Cocktail recipe
Now, this recipe is certainly not for everyone.  I strictly recommend this one for the over 21 readers.  If this doesn’t scream “Lay those corpses to rest”, nothing does. Get the instructions here.

I really hope you enjoyed this compilation.  Are you planning on making any of these? Make sure to tell us how it goes in the comments below.  Happy cooking, happy reading, and happy Susan Saturdays everyone!


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