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Dear Girls Above Me; The Funniest Book You’ll Ever Read

Editor: Lucía Santos (Muse Lulu)

Most people in California want to be celebrities, Charlie just wants some thicker walls and, as far as he can tell, the girls above him just want to get drunk and party all the time. Cathy and Claire are not she sharpest tools in the shed, and when they move to the empty apartment above Charlie, he will know exactly how clueless the girls truly are. What he’ll soon find out is that this pair of ditzy divas are about to teach him more about himself than he ever dared to learn on his own.

300x300 Based on a true story and a viral twitter feed that Charlie McDowell administrated for years, Dear Girls Above me is an extremely funny read that you need to get your hands on! If there was a way to explain exactly what this book is, I’d say it’s a “Comedic Fictional Memoir” portraying a list of amusing anecdotes mixed with sassy and sarcastic responses to the girls’ behavior.

What I loved most about this book is the way McDowell managed to add humor to everyday situations like the typical “We’re going out, but are we on a date?” dilemas and how he talks about things like gay rights and equality for all. I could say that sometimes it felt like the author might’ve been trying too hard at times to amuse but who am I to criticize if his strategy actually works and cracked me up?! What I mean to say is that, if I were given the chance to talk to the author, I’d tell him that he’s actually pretty funny without even trying (if you don’t believe me, just go read his twitter feed), he doesn’t need to try hard to do what he already knows he’s great at.

What I would like to know about the story isn’t actually from the fiction perspective but from real life. For example, we know the real “Girls Above Charlie” aren’t named Cathy and Claire, given that those are aliases so they wouldn’t find out, we know his mother is really academy award winner Mary Steenburgen, as well as several other details hinted in the book, but what else from the book actually happened in McDowell’s life.


Unfortunately, any questions I might (or actually do have) would involve me giving out spoilers about a well written and enthralling story that I pretty much tell everyone to read, so that would be unfair to anyone who hasn’t read it. So here, on the first article of July’s McDowell Mondays, I invite and request Charlie McDowell to grant my birthday wish and grant me an interview for The Muses PR. Your public, as well as one of your biggest fans (yours truly), deserve some answers.


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