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I’ll Meet You There: Not Your Everyday Love Story

(Published on May 27th, 2015 by The Muses PR)

By: Mónica G. González Burgos

Editor: Lucía B. Santos

Book CoverJosh and Skylar (also known as Sky) are two very different people who became friends under less than ideal circumstances. Skylar just finished high school and while her mind was completely occupied with her upcoming enrollment in art school, her world slowly crumbles down after her mother is accused of theft and loses her job.Josh is a nineteen-year-old U.S. Marine Corps (USMC)  on leave from Afghanistan after watching his best friend die and losing his leg within the same attack.

Having not much to do in Creek View, California, the two become close between part time shifts at The Paradise Motel. If I were asked to describe this book, I’d say the following:

“Not the typical love story, it’s not the boy meets girl, girl falls for boy, lives happily ever after type. More like boy watches his best friend die, loses a leg, goes through a lot of sh**, and falls for a girl he believes he doesn’t deserve.”

To me, this story isn’t about Skylar Evans and her desperation to run away from her “apparent-mess-of a-mom”, best teen mom friend Dylan and “week-long” fling Blake Mitchell, no. This story is about one-legged hottie and war survivor Josh Mitchell, a.k.a. Week-long fling’s brother.

I believe that Demetrios has given her readers the most detailed image of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I have ever experienced. With just a few pages in every other chapter, Josh’s point of view (POVs) made me feel like I was battling the war with him. On the other hand, Skylar’s perception in the matter was very important and very accurate, which I think was amazing given the third person perspective of Josh during most part of the story.

Don’t get me wrong, Sky’s story and her own personal growth was very important for this book to have been what it was, but to me, Josh was the real protagonist, the one true hero and the person with the most personal growth in the entire book.

If I were asked what I would change from this story, I would say the Mom/Billy relationship in a heartbeat. First of all, the guy is a drunk. Second, everyone in town calls him “bad news” and he’s always been a creeper in the neighborhood. Did she really not see all the red flags or did she choose to ignore them?! I honestly felt like every time the guy called Skylar “honey”, he was actually saying “the moment you mother falls asleep I’m going to rape you.” It seems to me that the message that relationship was carrying was that it’s okay to be with someone you don’t truly love and might end up putting you and your child at risk as long as he can pay the bills.


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