Things That Make Susan Dennard Awesome

(Originally written for The Muses PR)

By Mónica González (Muse Momo)

Susan Dennard, author of the Something Strange and Deadly series isnt just another writer.  In Fact, there are several interesting facts that you might not know about her. Here’s a list of a couple of them:

1. She has a Master’s Degree in Marine Biology. tumblr_n4romzuBbc1qb6v6ro1_400

Despite being a novelist, Dennard originally intended to be a marine biologist, later after getting her degree, she tried writing full time to see if she could make a career out of it and we’re glad she did!

2. She loved The Karate Kid since her childhood and took up karate while being a 20 year old undergraduate student.tumblr_ltl7vk0xVt1qhwzt7o1_500

She has stated before that she didn’t try it earlier because of fear of actually being good at it, and now she’s very proud of her skills and belt!

3. Has a Wattpad account with a series of stories called  “The Sheridan Institute Files” that follow the Spirit Hunters Gang five years after the SS&D Series finale.25666833-368-k661675

You can read The Sheridan Institute Files here.

4.  She is co-writing The Starkillers Cycle with author Sarah J. Maas and they’re super close.bea6

You can check out their co-authored series here.

5. Based the character of Daniel Sheridan on actor Max Irons. Susan_39_s_pinterest

Yes, that’s a screen shot of one of Susan Dennard’s pinterest boards.

6. Her dogs are called Asimov (Irish Setter) & Princess Leia (Terrier Mutt) BeFunky Collage

Aren’t they adorable and absoluely geek-tastic?

7. She loves cookies! giphy copy

Then again, who doesn’t?

8. She came up with the idea for Something Strange and Deadly after having a dream of “a girl wanting to save her brother and the only people who could help her were this rag-tag team of losers” while living in Germany. giphy copy 2

Her husband, a.k.a. The Frenchman, had been working in Germany at the time.

9.  One time, her all time favorite author, Robin Hobb, scolded her on Facebook for wasting time on Tumblr instead of writing and she admitted to “fangirling and then hanging my head with shame” after he did. spongebob-scrolling

She definitely gets scolded by cooler people than the rest of us.

10. She met the Frenchman (see reason No. 8) at a costume party while cosplaying Link from The Legend of Zelda. He was dressed as an American tourist, Hawaiian shirt and all.susanLink

What do you think about all of these? Anything I might’ve left out? Let me know in the comments section below. Happy Susan Saturdays!


2 thoughts on “Things That Make Susan Dennard Awesome”

  1. Interesante y ameno el articulo “Things That Make Susan Dennard Awesome”. Aunque lamento comentar en espanol, porque no me considero lista para escribir en ingles, sabes que puedo leerlo y entenderlo a la perfeccion y no queria dejar de comentar. Me apunto para leer sus obras, empezando por los enlaces que incluiste aqui.


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